The Firenze-Urbino Virgo group (Italy) is seeking to hire a research fellow in experimental gravitational-wave physics. The position is for one year, renewable up to three years.

The research program is devoted to the improvement of the sensitivity of present interferometric detectors for gravitational waves by mitigation of the thermal noise, in mirror coatings as well as in the last stage of mirror suspension.

Our group has the responsibility of the production and characterization of the fused silica fibers used in the last stage suspension of the Advanced Virgo mirrors and is part of the Virgo Coating R&D collaboration devoted to the measurement of mechanical and optical properties of the mirrors’ reflecting coatings.

The experimental activity will be mainly carried out in the laboratory in Urbino.

We encourage all interested candidates to visit the page and contact Prof. Filippo Martelli ( filippo.martelli at ) or Prof. Gianluca M Guidi ( gianluca.guidi at ) by January 9th, 2020.