We are pleased to announce the ISAPP summer school on "Gravitational Waves"

that will happen in Florence (Italy) on May 19-30, 2020.

This school offers a general overview of the different aspects of this science: a theoretical introduction on gravitational waves and their astrophysical sources, a course on detectors, and finally an overview of data analysis techniques and the scientific implications of the first detections. Future perspectives, covering the instruments and associated science, will also be discussed.

Pre-registration is open. All information here: https://indico.in2p3.fr/e/ISAPP2020GWs

  • A preliminary list of topics that will be covered:
  • GW theory and sources
  • Interferometric GW detectors (present and future)
  • LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA physics and technology
  • Data analysis techniques
  • LIGO/Virgo results and outlook (cosmology, astrophysics, tests of General Relativity)
  • Multimessenger physics
  • LISA and Pulsar Timing Array
  • Future detectors (aLIGO+, AdV+, Einstein Telescope)
  • Future science objectives and data analysis issues and challenges

Please feel free to forward this message to potentially interested students and postdocs and encourage your students to participate in this school.

Best Regards,
The organizing committee