A post-doc position at INFN Pisa is open to work on the Virgo commissioning

duration : 24 months

position can start July - December 2020.
INFN-Pisa is looking for a post-doctoral researcher to work on the installation and commissioning of the gravitational-wave interferometer AdvancedVirgo+.
AdvancedVirgo detector is starting the implementation of a series of upgrades including the installation of a new laser, the frequency dependent squeezing and installation of new mirror
called Signal Recycling. This additional mirror will change the way to acquire the control of the full instrument and imply the installation of new hardware to cope with this configuration change.

The post-doctoral researcher will be part of the team in charge of the new laser system to acquire the control of the full detector and its commissioning. He/she will later participate in the commissioning of the global control of the AdvancedVirgo interferometer and in the reduction of the different technical noises to reach the design sensitivity of the instrument.

Qualification: PhD in physics or optical engineer

The ideal candidate should have experience with control feedback system and optics. Knowledge in Matlab and python will be also appreciated.


Giancarlo Cella  giancarlo.cella at pi.infn.it
Maddalena Mantovani mantovan at ego-gw.it
Nicolas Leroyleroy at lal.in2p3.fr