We are searching for three postdocs to join our GW group at GSSI: https://applications.gssi.it/postdoc.

The relevant openings are listed under 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 in the GSSI physics postdoc call.

Position 1.4 is on multi-messenger astrophysics, position 1.5 is for the development of a Newtonian-noise cancellation pipeline for AdV+, and the postdoc would ideally also contribute to the development of a robotic array for Virgo environmental monitoring, and position 1.6 is broadly on data analysis or instrument science of current and future GW detectors.

Candidates with multiple interests can/should apply for several of these positions. For your information, the differences in gross salaries stated in the call have little impact on the net income, which will be around 2700€ per month for all three postdocs. If you have any questions, please contact marica.branchesi at gssi.it, or jan.harms at gssi.it. Deadline for applications is July 23, 2020.