GWEOS-2019 PISA Workshop

Constraining the equation of state of matter at extreme densities with gravitational wave observations

February 25-26, 2019  
INFN Sez. Pisa, Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Università di Pisa, European Gravitational Observatory 
On-line Registration Deadline: February 22, 2019

The idea of the workshop is to put together physicists with competences in gravitational waves, nuclear physics and neutron star physics to create a bridge between these communities and to foster future collaborations.

A large amount of time is allocated for discussions, and the style of the communications should be open to dialogue. Here is a list of issues we aim to discuss:

  • What kind of constraints on the equation of state (EOS) of matter at very high densities are allowed by the present and future GW detector sensitivities?
  • What are the most up to date theoretical models for the EOS?
  • Can neutron stars sustain long-lived large quadrupolar deformations?
  • What is the current state of the art for numerical simulations?
  • What are the more urgent theoretical challenges?
  • What are the most relevant analysis limitations?
  • How can we bring together GW and EM constraints?
  • What we are expected to gain with third-generation GW observatories for fundamental physics of matter at extreme densities?

The second day of the workshop will be hosted by the European Gravitational Observatory. A free service transport from Pisa to EGO and back will be available. At the end of the workshop it will be possible to visit VIRGO.

Abstract Submission 

Foreseen talks are on invitation only, but registration is open to everyone interested. Registrants are welcome to participate to the discussions.

Registration and Fees

There is no registration fee, but the number of registrations is limited (50). To register for this workshop, please go to this site:

Workshop Organizing Committee

Ignazio Bombaci (Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Università di Pisa)
Giancarlo Cella (INFN Pisa)
Cristiano Palomba (INFN Roma)