Massimiliano Razzano

I am a researcher at the Physics Department of the University of Pisa, and my research activity is focused on the multimessenger investigation of the most extreme phenomena in the Universe. This multimessenger approach is becoming more and more important in order to open new windows on the cosmos and explore the laws of Nature in a totally new perspective. In particular, the discovery of the GW170817 event by LIGO and Virgo opened a new era of multimessenger studies based on gravitational waves and photons.

The “cosmic messengers” I am mainly interested in, are high-energy photons (X and gamma rays) and gravitational waves. I am a member of the Large Area Telescope Collaboration since 2003 and of the Virgo Collaboration since 2013.

I am also very interested in the computing challenges posed by the huge amount of data produced by current experiments, and in developing advanced analysis methods based on machine learning and deep learning.

For more information about my research activity, please have a look at my personal page at the University of Pisa


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