We would like to announce our workshop on Challenges and Opportunities of High Frequency Gravitational Wave Detection, to be held 14/10/2019 to 16/10/2019 at ICTP, Trieste (Italy).

Here our definition of 'highfrequency' is anything beyond the current limits of the LIGO/VIRGO detectors. The goal of this workshop is an open-minded discussion on the experimental and theoretical prospects of HFGWs. What are the possible sources and how well are they theoretically understood? What are the challenges faced in experimental setups and what are possible ideas to go beyond current technology? What can we learn about our Universe within the expected sensitivity of these proposals in the next decade? Our goal is to tackle these open questions by gathering a relatively small group of people who are interested in these questions both from the theoretical and the experimental points of view. A few dedicated talks aim at introducing the key aspects and questions and bridging the gap between the different communities, while leaving ample time for discussions. Please see the web page for details and registration:


We would appreciate if you could advertise this workshop among interested people in your groups.

Looking forward to meeting you in Trieste,

The organisers:Valerie Domcke,Francesco Muia,Fernando Quevedo,Jessica Steinlechner,Sebastian Steinlechner.