We are hosting a joint Newton-Bhabha & the Open Data Workshop at IUCAA, Pune, India in early Dec this year.

This workshop provides an opportunity for students, postdocs and other academics interested in gravitational waves and who may look forward to do science with the LIGO-India observatory. 

It will feature lectures and a few hands-on tutorials by some of the  leading experts on gravitational wave data analysis and detector technology.

Website: http://www.gw.iucaa.in/newtonbhabha-opendata/

Venue: IUCAA, Pune, India

Dates of the workshop: Dec 4-6, 2019

Please send an email to  anupreeta@iucaa.in and li_sec@iucaa.in , if you are interested in participating. The deadline is Nov 10 beyond which we may not be able to assure acceptance.