The ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational wave Discovery (OzGrav) UWA node is inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow position (Academic Level A/B) on instrumentation for gravitational wave detection.

The instrumentation group of OzGrav-UWA current research is focused on developing advanced techniques for gravitational wave detectors. Our research programs include quantum measurement techniques for improving the quantum noise limited sensitivity, the control of parametric instability, optimal mode matching for reducing the loss of squeezed state injection, and silicon optics in high power cavities for next generation detectors.

We are looking for a dynamic experimentalist with motivation and drive, and relevant experience. The work will involve conduct day to day research, and working closely with PhD students on experiments either with high power suspended optical cavities, or tabletop experiments.

Your role:

You will conduct research primarily on experiments towards measurement in quantum noise limited sensitivity; You will also assist in supervising final year undergraduate, Master and PhD students working on opto-mechanical experiments; You are expected to participate in proposing and developing new experiments aiming for improving the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors.

Your specific work capabilities (selection criteria)

  • A PhD (or soon be completed) in experimental physics
  • Some experience in precision measurements, opto-mechanical systems, optical cavities and feedback control systems.
  • Knowledge of basic quantum measurement theory, noise analysis and vibration isolation is desirable.
  • Writing and publishing papers in high impact journals
  • Ability to establish and maintain international collaborations with leading international experts

Application is open now

Please contact chunnong.zhao at for more details and enquiries of the position.