We are pleased to announce the six-week program “Gravitational waves: a
new messenger to explore the universe”, taking place from *March 1 to
April 9 2021* at the (IHP) in Paris http://www.ihp.fr/en/CEB/T1B-2021.

This program is intended for scientists in the field of
gravitational-wave physics and astrophysics, and especially for those
who wish to start conducting research in this field. Young researchers
(PhD students or postdocs) are therefore particularly encouraged to apply.

Scientific activities during the program will include a series of
lectures at master/PhD level, seminars, coordinated interdisciplinary
exchanges, and afternoons dedicated to junior scientists, who will have
the opportunity to present their research. The program will be an
occasion to interact with colleagues and students within a convenient
and stimulating venue in the center of Paris. The program will also host
the fourth annual meeting of the Groupement de Recherche Ondes
Gravitationnelles http://gdrgw.in2p3.fr/ <http://gdrgw.in2p3.fr/>.

The program is organized in three two-week blocks:

1) March 1-12: theoretical aspects of gravitational-wave science
2) March 15-22: astrophysics and cosmology
3) March 29-April 9 : gravitational-wave detectors and data analysis

Applications are now open and should be submitted through the program
website at: https://indico.math.cnrs.fr/event/5761/overview

The deadline to apply is *September 1 2020*. Requests of information are
to be addressed to gwmess2021 at ihp.fr <mailto:gwmess2021@ihp.fr>

The minimal length of participation is one week. However, to foster
collaborative interactions, we encourage participants to stay for longer
if possible. Due to space and financial constraints, participation to
this event is moderated.

The IHP provides office space on-site and also provides help finding
accommodation. Financial support will be available, the amount depending
on the needs of the participants and availability of funds. The deadline
to apply for financial support is the same as for application to the

Please also inform your colleagues who you think might be interested in
applying to the program.