Enabling Multi-Messenger Astrophysics in the Big Data Era Workshop

April 25-26, 2019 
Space Telescope Science Institute

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 1, 2019
On-line Registration Deadline: March 22, 2019
Stellar deaths and their afterlives are laboratories that test fundamental physics through astrophysics. The advent of extremely wide-field surveys will revolutionize this field, and we will be able to probe new time and energy scales. The community will need to build new infrastructure and change existing paradigms to maximize the science return of these facilities. This workshop will connect scientists with expertise in multi-messenger astrophysics with statisticians, data scientists, and software developers. Together, they will highlight what infrastructure exists, identify how these pieces may be connected together into a larger ecosystem, and develop a roadmap to prepare for future surveys.

Abstract Submission 

To submit a talk abstract or poster abstract for consideration by the SOC, please fill in the Abstract Submission form, which can be found here.  Abstract submittal deadline is February 1, 2019.  Decisions on Contributed Talks/Posters will be sent on March 1, 2019.

Registration and Fees

The registration fee to attend this workshop is $150, which includes breakfasts, morning and afternoon light refreshments and a welcome reception.  To register for this workshop, please

go to this site:  https://www.eiseverywhere.com/372636

Connection with the STScI Spring Symposium

The workshop will be immediately preceeded by the Spring Symposium, “The Deaths and Afterlives of Stars,” April 22-24, 2019. Participants of the workshop may wish to attend the symposium, which requires a separate registration (see below).  A brief description follows,

“The Space Telescope Science Institute is excited to host the 2019 STScI Spring Symposium, The Deaths and Afterlives of Stars.  The symposium will bring together leading experts that are pushing new research in this exciting field of astrophysics.  The discussion will include the following themes,

Observational and theoretical understanding of which stars explode
The physical effects - including metallicity, mass loss, binarity - that control stellar death
The processes through which both low mass and high mass stars die
New discoveries of exotic transients that challenge existing paradigms
Latest insights on progenitors of different end fates, from type Ia supernovae to gravitational wave sources
Emission, chemistry, dust, outflows, and exoplanet debris from stellar death”
For more symposium information, visit http://www.stsci.edu/institute/conference/spring2019.  Attending the symposium requires a separate registration and fee payment.  The fee to attend is $200.  Registration is open and available at this link: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/357140.

Workshop Invited Speakers

Iair Arcavi (Tel Aviv University)
Sarah Burke-Spoalor (West Virginia University)
Michael Coughlin (Caltech/LIGO)
Dave Coulter (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Dimitri Duev (California Institute of Technology)
Emilie Ishida (Universite Clermont-Auvergne)
Saurabh Jha (Rutgers University)
Carl Johann-Haster (MIT/LIGO)
Azadeh Keivani (Columbia University)
Jamie Kinney (Google)
Casey Law (University of California, Berkeley)
Monika Soraisam (NOAO)
Rachel Street (Las Cumbres Observatory)
Aaron Tohuvavohu (Penn State/Swift)
Alexander van der Horst (George Washington University)

Workshop Science Organizing Committee:

Gautham Narayan, Chair (STScI)
Massimo Robberto, Co-Chair (STScI)
Federica Bianco (University of Delaware/New York University)
Douglas Cowen (Pennsylvania State University
Ryan Foley (University of California-Santa Cruz)
Ori Fox (STScI)
Renée Hložek (Unversity of Toronto)
Ivelina Momcheva (STScI)
Armin Rest (STScI)
Leo P. Singer (NASA, LIGO)
Brigitta Sipocz (University of Washington, Dirac Institute)
Arfon Smith (STScI)
Questions or comments? Please contact us through our mailbox:  EMMA@stsci.edu.

Workshop poster follows:

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