The European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) is seeking for motivated Phycists/Optical
Engineers to join its Optics Team.

The European Gravitational Observatory is a French-Italian consortium founded by INFN and CNRS to foster European collaboration in gravitational wave research. EGO is located in Cascina, near Pisa - Italy, and hosts and operates the Gravitational-Wave detector Virgo (, a 3km-long laser interferometer (ITF). Virgo and the two LIGO ITFs in the US are the largest and most sensitive gravitational-wave detecting instruments in the world: in 2017 their joint detection of a Binary Neutron Star merger ushered the dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy. The Virgo experiment involves the collaboration of about 20 laboratories with more than 300 scientists, engineers and technicians in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Spain.

The EGO Optics Group has a significant track of smart and relevant contributions to the success of the Virgo experiment. Our expertise in the general Optics of the Virgo Interferometer has led to significant improvement in the simulations, to more sensitive methods to measure interferometer parameters, and smart contributions to the way to circumvent some imperfections of the optics - either embedded or due to other aberrations.

Over the years, the EGO Optics group had the responsibilities for the laser injection system, the interferometer sensing and control, the stray light control, the optical characterization of the interferometer. We contributed to the design of the current version of the Virgo interferometer in its entireness, and to specific subsystems which we currently develop and maintain (such as the whole laser injection system). Furthermore, a constant dedication to the commissioning and fine-tuning of the Virgo interferometer is a key feature of our team, along with the development of innovative ideas and devices to foster the increase of sensitivity and reliability of the Virgo detector.

Overall, the EGO Optics team is a reference point for all the questions related to the Optics of the
interferometer and related issues.

We are now seeking for motivated and brilliant Phycists/Optical Engineers to join our team for the new upgrade of the Virgo interferometer (Advanced Virgo +) aimed at pushing the detector sensitivity to the limit of the current infrastructures. Candidates will have a PhD related to experimental Optics or Opto-Electronics, with hands-on experience in Optics and related controls. Experience in the field of advanced scientific instrumentation at a University institute or similar institution is required, as well as knowledge in Laser Physics and Non-Linear Optics and related equipment. A problem-solving oriented attitude, capability to integrate in a team and a pro-active, collaborative approach to the work will complement the ideal candidate.
The successful candidate(s) will join our team as temporary staff (with significant chances to get a permanent position after one year) and will be involved in:

  • the development of the new Auxiliary Laser System (a complex system of SHG over the two 3km-arms of the interferometer, needed for controlling the interferometer degrees of freedom),
  • the improvement of the current laser injection system,
  • the development of new simulation for the optical design of the interferometer and for the stray light analysis and mitigation,
  • the commissioning of the interferometer in its entireness.

Interested candidates can find further details at:

  • the EGO website

Positions to be filled as soon as possible, gross salary around 37K EUR/year (plus possible bonus, and
daily canteen at the site).