Abstracts are invited to the COSPAR session E1.11 The Gravitational Wave Universe in the LIGO-Virgo Era in Sydney, August 15-23.

Cospar 2020 web site: http://cospar2020.org/

The deadline is February 14.

The detections of gravitational wave sources by the LIGO and Virgo collaborations have shown the power of this new messenger for astrophysics and fundamental physics. In the coming years space and ground facilities such as the LISA space mission, pulsar timing arrays, and GW ground-based observatories will enable to explore the whole GW spectrum from nHz to kHz, accessing a wide range of astrophysical objects such as compact binaries at various stages of their life, stellar-mass to super massive black hole binaries, and stochastic backgrounds.

GWs represent a unique tool to explore fundamental physics in the strong field regime, general relativity, alternative theories of gravity, and new physics. They prove to be an important tool to explore the Universe and its objects, as well as its dynamics.

As Virgo and LIGO are about to reach their nominal sensitivity, with the new generation of ground based detector under study, it will be the right time to discuss the discoveries already made and the new view of the Universe that has been opened thanks to gravitational waves.