The University of Stavanger (Norway), with the support of the COST Action GWverse, is organizing the workshop "Cosmography via Gravitational Waves and Other Observables" in the period April 20th — 23th, 2020:

The workshop aims at:

  • reviewing the theoretical and experimental aspects behind the current tension in cosmography
  • forecasting the potential impact of the forthcoming measurements, and
  • discussing the most appealing solutions to the puzzle.

Three lectures will introduce the main themes of the workshop: "Early-universe measurements", "Late-universe measurements", and "Standard and dark sirens in GR and modified GR". Technical talks will follow broadly along these categories.

The afternoons are planned with an informal schedule to allow participants to freely interact and start new collaborations.

We invite everybody to participate and contribute. The deadline for abstract submission is April 4th but earlier submissions are appreciated.

Participants asking for childcare should register as soon as possible and not later than March 4th.