We would like to draw your attention to the next ISAPP School which will be held next summer in Valencia (Spain):

ISAPP 2020 (Valencia): Neutrino Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

2-10 July 2020

Casa de la Ciencia del CSIC, Valencia (Spain)

Web page: https://isapp2020vlc.astroparticles.es/

Email: isapp2020vlc at gmail.com

We invite you to forward this message to potentially interested PhD students and young postdocs. Registration will start in January, and the student fee will amount to approximately 1,000 EUR, covering full board accommodation.

As you know well, every year the ISAPP European network (https://www.isapp-schools.org) organizes doctoral schools addressed to students - theorists, experimentalists and observers - in the astroparticle physics domain. This school is hosted by IFIC, a joint research institute of CSIC and the University of Valencia (http://ific.uv.es). It will be held at the Casa de la Ciencia, the CSIC institutional building in the historic centre of Valencia (https://www.dicv.csic.es/reserva.php).

The school is dedicated to the main theoretical and experimental aspects of neutrino physics and their role in Astrophysics and Cosmology. The schedule is organized in slots of 1.5 hour lectures. Discussion sessions, placed at the end of most of the lecture days, will be scheduled. The list of topics is as follows,

- The Standard Model of particle physics: theory and observations
- The Big Bang cosmological model: theory and observations
- Theory of neutrino masses and mixings
- Neutrino masses and lepton flavor violation
- Neutrinos from astrophysical sources (including supernovae)
- Reactor and accelerator-based neutrino experiments
- Statistical methods in neutrino physics
- Coherent neutrino scattering
- Anomalies in neutrino oscillation experiments
- Direct measurements of neutrino mass
- Neutrinoless double beta decay experiments
- Neutrino-nucleus interactions
- Neutrino telescopes and multi-messenger astronomy
- Neutrino cosmology

Note that the ISAPP school on Gamma Rays to shed Light on Dark Matter will be also held in Spain (Madrid, 21–30 June 2020, https://workshops.ift.uam-csic.es/isapp2020madrid) and interested participants can attend both.

We wish you a happy holiday season and new year,

Sergio Pastor, on behalf of the Local Organising Committee
IFIC (CSIC-Univ of Valencia)