Multi-messenger physics and astrophysics with compact binaries

11-15 March 2019, Jena, Germany

contact: pharoschod2019 at

The first PHAROS <http:""> PhD training school on multi-messenger physics and astrophysics with compact binaries will be held in Jena <https: homepage=""""> (Germany) from Monday March 11 to Friday March 15 2019. The goal of the PHAROS <http:"">school is to contribute to the training of the next generation of scientists that will face the problem of interpreting multi-messenger data in the coming years. The school brings together scientists with diverse portfolios and updates them on some of the key aspects of the physics of compact binaries. The school focuses on compact binaries composed of neutron stars and addresses a number of related topics on ObservationalTheoretical  and  Data analysis  aspects.


  • ARCONES Almudena (Darmstadt U/GSI)
  • FORTIN Morgan (CAMK)
  • HINDERER Tanja (Radboud U)
  • MAPELLI Michela (Padova U)
  • MESSENGER Chris (Glasgow U)
  • OHME Frank (AEI Hannover)
  • PEREGO Albino (INFN)
  • SHIBATA Masaru (AEI/Kyoto)
  • TANVIR Nial (Leicester U)