Date: May 13 - May 17, 2019
Location: Nanjing University, Nanjing, China


The study of GRBs has been an active field in astrophysics over
the years, which has undergone a significant boost in interest with
the joint detection of GW170817/GRB 170817A. This meeting will bring
together observers and theorists working in this exciting field. The
conference will cover all observational and theoretical topics on GRBs,
but also include related subjects with a focus on multi-messenger aspects.

Topics of the conference will include:
- GRB prompt emission
- GRB afterglow theory and observations
- GRB central engines
- GRB polarization
- GRB progenitors and host galaxies
- GW & EM counterparts observations
- GW & EM counterparts theory
- GRB-cosmological and GRB-fundamental physics connections
- Fast Radio Bursts
- Cosmic rays and neutrinos
- Current and Future survey missions

Confirmed invited speakers:

L. Amati (INAF, Italy), P. Beniamini (GWU, USA), J. M. Burgess (MPE, Germany),
A. J. Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC, Spain), B. Cenko (NASA/GSFC), Z.-G. Dai
(NJU, China),
H. Gao (BNU, China), G. Ghirlanda (INAF, Italy), A. Goldstein (USRA, USA),
J. Granot (OUI, Israel), K. Ioka (Kyoto University, Japan), P. Kumar
(UT Austin, USA),
D. Lazzati (OSU, USA), A. Levan (The University of Warwick, UK), L.-X.
Li (PKU, China),
E.-W. Liang (GXU, China), P. Meszaros (PSU, USA), R. Mochkovitch (IAP, France),
K. Murase (PSU, USA), L. Nava (INAF, Italy), P. O'Brien (University of
Leicester, UK),
T. Piran (HUJI, Israel), J. Racusin (NASA/GSFC), E. Troja (UMD, USA),
Z. L. Uhm (NASA GSFC, USA), X.-Y. Wang (NJU, China), J.-J Wei (PMO, China),
J.-Y. Wei (NAOC, China), W.-M. Yuan (NAOC, China), B. Zhang (UNLV,
USA), S.-N. Zhang (IHEP, China)


Important dates

2019 Jan 07 - First announcement and Registration Open
2019 Mar 01 - Early Registration Ends
2019 Apr 1 - Abstract Deadline (Hard Deadline for Oral Contributions)
2019 Apr 12 - Preliminary Program Announced
2019 Apr 30 - Poster Abstract Deadline
2019 May 1 - Regular Registration Ends (Late/Onsite Registration is available)
2019 May 12 - Reception
2019 May 13-17 - Conference (Sunday evening through Friday afternoon)
2019 May 18 - Conference Adjourn

The conference is supported by Nanjing University and Purple Mountain


E. Berger (Harvard), B. Cenko (NASA/GSFC), V. Connaughton (USRA), Z.
G. Dai (NJU, Co-Chair),
G. Ghirlanda (INAF), D. Hartmann (Clemson U.), P. Kumar (UT Austin),
E.-W. Liang (GXU),
P. Meszaros (PSU), R. Mochkovitch (IAP), S. Nagataki (RIKEN), P.
O'Brien (Leicester),
L. Piro (INAF), J. Racusin (NASA/GSFC), J.-Y. Wei (NAOC), B. Zhang
(UNLV, Chair),
B.-B. Zhang (NJU, Co-Chair), S.-N. Zhang (IHEP)


Z.-G, Dai (NJU, Co-Chair), Y.-F. Huang (NJU), F.-Y. Wang(NJU) , X.-Y.
Wang (NJU),
D.-M. Wei (PMO), X.-F. Wu (PMO), B.-B. Zhang (NJU, Chair)