Postdoc position in Black Holes, Higher Derivative Gravity, and Field Theory at the Van Swinderen Institute, University of Groningen NL (

The announcement can be found at

We are looking for an excellent candidate for a postdoctoral position at the Van Swinderen Institute, University of Groningen (, with a background in either:

  1. higher derivative gravity (in particular infinite derivative gravity), quantum gravity,
  2. blackhole physics, in particular compact objects which are blackhole mimickers, and their testable features in gravitational wave templates, such as quasi normal modes, echoes, tidal effects, etc.,
  3. field theory expertise in higher derivatives, string field theory, higher derivative gravity and/or higher spin theories.

The duration of the position will be (1+1) years.

Staring Date: 01-09-2019 or 01-10-2019 ( negotiable )

Deadline for application: 01-03-2019

Application should accompany:

  1. a brief 2 pages research proposal,
  2. CV with a list of publications (the contributions in publications should be highlighted in 1-2 lines),
  3. 3 Letters of recommendations.

The application should be be sent to Anupam Mazumdar ( at (

Please contact Anupam Mazumdar for further details if needed.